Train With Our Golf Professional

Get the most out of your sessions with the valuable feedback from a golf professional.

Lessons include data and video screen combinations as well as a video recording of the lesson utilizing drawing tools and screencast.  

Added benefits include club and ball trace overlay on video along with accurate data, pressure shift and mental training for an all-in-one solution.

Playing lessons can also be scheduled on one of the many golf courses we have reciprocity with in and around Cape Town.

Cartel Golf Membership

Sign up to Cartel Golf for a bespoke business club leading the way in facilitating significant connections between golf and business people and their purposes.

Practice Facilities

The Old Foundry is located in close proximity to the City and the V&A Waterfront, which means that playing a round of golf can fit into your busy schedule.


Virtual Swing Health Check

Bad habits can creep in quickly.

As a member of Cartel Golf, you can send coach Iglin a weekly whatsapp video of your swing, receive valuable feedback regarding your swing health and ensure that you are on track with your golf training.


Lessons In The Golf Simulator

Training in the Golf Sim is a highly individualised session, focussing on the fundamentals and natural abilities of the client, whilst having the benefit of visual representation of their swing and drive.

For the beginner golfer it is highly personalised, convenient, learning in a controlled and safe environment.

Benefits for the more advanced golfers include swing paths and club face angles allows us to work on shot shaping and distance control.

Video analysis for the the more advanced player allows us to pinpoint swing adjustments required.


Lessons On The Golf Course

On course sessions are played on one of the courses we have reciprocity with in and around Cape Town.

During this 9 hole session, we will walk through the mental approach to the golf hole as a focus, how to mitigate risk and reward, shot selection, avoiding obstacles, and golf etiquette.

Beginners will be taken through the basic etiquette and how to avoid common pitfalls and how to work with natural elements to maximise your scoring potential.

Advance golfers are taken through intricate golf course management drills, placement of the drive, analysing pin positions, and post game analysis.


Junior & Kids Golf Coaching

Our golf coaching is perfectly suited for juniors and kids. Both in the simulator as well as on course training is available.


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On-Course Lesson with a Golf Pro

9 Hole
Course: Clovelly
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